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We are the company which transports bulk materials. We specialise in food transport. We also have vehicles which transport feed materials and other used in industrial production. In addition we import and sell vehicles to transport such articles which is an important part of our activity. Our services are not limited to the borders of the country but cover the European Union area. We provides our clients with expert advice and broad access to the western European market for fodder vehicles . The fact we own a car workshop allows us to make technical inspections of all vehicles that are in the corporate sales offer. Knowledge and experience in the transport of bulk materials and repairing vehicles, allows a professional installation of compressors for truck tractors and trucks. We also install fodder barrels on the chassis of trucks.

The vehicles we sell go through inspections, are registered and are suitable for immediate use.

Since the beginning of its establishment MARTRANS has been investing in training of its employees. The company plans further development, which is based on high quality standards. This means continuous improvement of processes determining the level of health security of transported articles - in accordance with the requirements of the HACCP and GMP+ systems, maintaining the high level of competence of employees, the timely provision of services and continued development of the market offer.